Apr 05

Serenading Churchill's Beluga Whales

“I had this dream where I could possibly play for a real whale. To be able to interact and almost bridge a line of communication to beluga whales, that would be a dream come true.”

Mar 30

Four Days in Churchill

Photographer Lindsay Reid had an opportunity to spend four days in Churchill, Manitoba for RAW:churchill and documented her experience in a captivating photo essay.

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Mar 28

Beguiled by Manitoba's Wildlife

Many moments quickly fade. Then there are those experiences that are far too incredible and life changing to forget. They’re forever etched on your memory. My week spent on the Big Five Safari in Manitoba was one such experience filled with many magical moments.

Mar 22

World Water Day: Say no to plastic

March 22nd is World Water Day, a day of international observance urging people across the globe to learn more about water related issues and become inspired to take action and make a difference.

Mar 03

Behind the Scenes: RAW:churchill

RAW:churchill is a northern twist on Winnipeg's award-winning RAW:almond. What does it take to bring an idea born and rehearsed in Winnipeg, with a...

Mar 01

RAW:churchill, a culinary and adventure experience

RAW:churchill is an extraordinary culinary tourism product created by Frontiers North Adventures President and CEO John Gunter and the creators of...

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