Jun 30

Where to stay in Churchill

You're planning your Churchill adventure, but where to stay: a Churchill hotel or the Tundra Buggy Lodge?

Jun 25

Introducing Conservation Journey: Polar Bears

Frontiers North Adventures launches Conservation Journey: Polar Bears, a conservation-based adventure with experts from Polar Bears International.

Jun 10

My Manitoba Big Five Safari Adventure

My kayak is the centre of a moving circle of belugas. Roughly a hundred of those famous, smiling-faced white whales are breathing all around me. I’m in awe and am willing the magic to continue.

May 28

A piece of Manitoba featured in Wisconsin Zoo

A retired Tundra Buggy® has become an essential part of Henry Vilas Zoo's new Arctic Passage polar bear exhibit.

May 25

Five things you didn't know about Belgua Whales

During the summer months, Churchill is known as the Beluga Whale Capital of the World. Here are some things about our summer visitors that you might not know.

May 19

5 ways to get the most out of your Churchill adventure

Your Churchill adventure is booked! Now what?
Here's some suggestions we have to help make your journey memorable!

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