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Apr 28

Snorkelling with Churchill's beluga whales

Churchill resident Belinda Fitzpatrick enters the watery world of the beluga whale in a snorkelling experience in the Churchill River.

Mar 26

Extend your Stay in Winnipeg

Located at the geographic centre of Canada and North America, Winnipeg is Manitoba’s vibrant capital city, and our gateway to the north.

Mar 23

What to Wear - Churchill Summer Edition

If you're planning a summer vacation in Churchill, Manitoba we've got some packing suggestions to help prepare for your adventure.

Mar 18

5 Things you didn’t know about the Hudson Bay

Aside from being the winter hunting grounds of Manitoba's polar bears, the Hudson Bay has a pretty interesting history all on it's own.

Mar 13

My Churchill dog sledding experience.

Dave Daley of Wapusk Adventures gives our guests a chance to get behind a team of highly-trained sled dogs for an exhilarating ride through the boreal forest.

Feb 27

International Polar Bear Day 2015

Help us celebrate International Polar Bear Day!

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