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Social Responsibility

Frontiers North specializes in adventuring in Canada’s north because that’s where we’re from and that’s what we’re passionate about. We inspire our guests with quality nature experiences in a sustainable and responsible manner, ensuring they view and photograph the wildlife of the North as well as learn about the people of the North, their culture, history and customs. We are dedicated to making socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible decisions that contribute to the well being of our employees, guests, local community and the environment. We believe that hosting guests in Canada’s north should benefit the communities and ecosystems in which we operate.

Environmental Practices & Sustainability

Canada’s north is home to many species of arctic wildlife that rely on a pristine environment. We travel responsibly to protect these fragile natural habitats, to benefit local communities and to preserve and celebrate the customs and traditions of the places we visit. Our commitment to continually upgrade our fleet of Tundra Buggies and our Tundra Buggy Lodge to achieve the highest environmental standard and by integrating sustainability into our operations were key to Frontiers North being awarded the first (and only) business license to host guests in Wapusk National Park.

Employee Practices

Frontiers North employs as many Canadian and local-to-the-north staff and guides and utilize as many local suppliers as possible. Frontiers North has a diverse workforce and value our differences: 12% of our staff are Aboriginal, 6% are a visible minority, 54% of our management team are women.

Commitment to our Community

We’re passionate about the north because we’re from here. We work closely with the Town of Churchill, Destination Churchill, Manitoba Conservation and Parks Canada to define, develop and implement policies for Churchill’s tourism industry. We employ local residents when possible. Our purchasing policy ensures we source local, Aboriginal, and suppliers and businesses that support social and environmental responsibility. We support causes that invest in the communities where we operate.

Educational Outreach

In partnership with Polar Bears International (PBI), Frontiers North provides a platform for enhanced in- Churchill and widespread (global) education about the wildlife and issues affecting Canada’s north, specifically related to polar bears. Frontiers North acknowledges that not everyone can afford to travel to experience firsthand Canada’s north. Through initiatives such as PBI Leadership Camp, PBI Tundra Connections and PBI Field Ambassador Program, Frontiers North is able to leverage the best access in the world to wild polar bears into tremendous benefit for not only our guests in Churchill, but also people from all over the world passionate about Canada’s north. 

Corporate Giving

In addition to providing support for several organizations including, The Assiniboine Park Conservancy, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, and Ducks Unlimited, Frontiers North was the first major sponsor of Polar Bears International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of polar bears through research and education. Since 2001, Frontiers North has maintained Platinum Level sponsorship and continues to work with PBI on a number of conservation initiatives and programs.

As a reflection of the values of Frontiers North, charitable support is focused in three core areas.  Those areas and the organizations we support:  

  1. People Living with Disabilities
    1. Continuity Care
  2. Investing in the Communities Where we Operate
    1. Hudson’s Bay Quests
    2. Aurora Festival
    3. Project North
  3. Conservation and Wildlife
    1. Polar Bears International
    2. Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Frontiers North receives numerous requests for charitable support.  

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