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Our Tundra Buggy® Adventure offers the exclusive chance to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, one of the best locations in the world to view and photograph polar bears in the wild. 

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Tundra Buggy Day Tours

Planning your own travel arrangements to Churchill? Book a summer or autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tour now!

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The Tundra Buggy Adventure

A Tundra Buggy adventure is about more than just a buggy - it's a truly unique adventure that takes you places where few others can travel.

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Tundra Buggy Day Tours

A Tundra Buggy Adventure is the best and safest way to view the majestic polar bear in its natural environment and is an ideal tour option if you are planning your own travel and accommodations in Churchill. 

Tundra Buggy Day Tours include expert interpretation in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area about the wildlife and the magnificent ecosystems surrounding the subarctic environment of Churchill. You will have the opportunity to explore the open tundra while your driver discusses the effects of tides, currents and ice formation on the polar bear. Wildlife you spot may include polar bears, arctic hare, arctic and red fox, gry falcon, ptarmigan and much more.

Please note that Tundra Buggy Day Tours take place on a 40-passenger Tundra Buggy® and during peak seasons have a tendency to sell to capacity. We highly recommend booking your Tundra Buggy Day Tour(s) as early as possible.  


Summer Tundra Buggy Day Tours


Tour Description

Summer tours begin at Fifty Eight North - Home of the Tundra Buggy at 124 Kelsey Boulevard. Guests will be transferred to the Tundra Buggy Launch Area where we will board our Tundra Buggies and journey into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. The time on the tundra will be spent exploring the sub-arctic landscape and searching for wildlife. At the end of the tour guests will be transferred back to Fifty Eight North. 


Summer Tundra Buggy Tour Dates

Our summer Tundra Buggy® tour times are planned around Sea North's beglua whale-watching schedule to ensure our guests don't miss out on the incredible opportunites that Sea North offers. Our 6-hour Tundra Buggy tours run almost daily between July 2nd and August 31st.

See our 2016 Summer Tundra Buggy schedule

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Tour Prices

Tour Rates*

Adult: $189      Child (12 & under): $149

*All prices include taxes.


To inquire about specific dates and times, please call or email one of our Travel Counsellors.

Toll Free (North America only): 800-663-9832 or International: 204-949-2050. 


 Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tours


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Tour Description

Autumn tours begin between 7:30 am - 8:00am. Guests will be picked up at their accommodations and transferred to the Tundra Buggy Launch Area where we will board our Tundra Buggies and journey into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. The time on the tundra will be spent exploring the sub-arctic landscape and searching for the majestic polar bear and other arctic wildlife. A picnic-style lunch is included. At the end of the tour guests will be transferred back to Churchill and dropped off at Fifty Eight North.  Full-day autumn tours start during the second week of October and run through mid-November.

The autumn Tundra Buggy Adventure is a Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience.  



Autumn Tundra Buggy Tour Dates

Our 2016 Tundra Buggy Day Tour availability will be released in June 2016. 


Tour Prices

Full-Day Rates*

Adult: $469      Child (12 & under): $369

*All prices include taxes.


Questions? Feel free to fill out the contact form below and one of our Travel Counsellors will be happy to get back to you!



The Tundra Buggy Adventure

The Tundra Buggy® Adventure

The term "Tundra Buggy" is a registersted trademark of Frontiers North Adventures. It is to be used only to refer to vehicles owned and operated by Frontiers North Adventures in Churchill, Manitoba. 

A Tundra Buggy® Adventure with Frontiers North is about more than just the buggy. Specially designed, these all-terrain vehicles enable us to take guests out onto the tundra and safely view wildlife in their natural environment.

Our Tundra Buggy® Adventure offers the exclusive chance to travel into the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) for wildlife viewing and photography. Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimize the impact on the tundra, the Tundra Buggy® will take you into areas with a high probability of wildlife sightings. These areas are the best locations in the Churchill area to experience wildlife in their natural environment, and the Tundra Buggy® Adventure holds the most permits to travel into these areas. 

What makes the Tundra Buggy® Adventure so truly unique is the service we’re able to provide to our guests. Our interpretive Tundra Buggy® drivers are experienced tour leaders and passionate adventurers who are knowledgeable about the tundra ecosystem and are skilled at positioning the Tundra Buggy® for optimal photography opportunities and wildlife viewing. 

The Tundra Buggy® Adventure also has a long-standing relationship with Polar Bears International – the world’s leading polar bear conservation group. Our guests have the opportunity to spend time out on the tundra with Polar Bear International Field Ambassadors learning about these incredible carnivores and their icy environment. 

Combine the exclusivity of where we get to go with passion of our guides and the knowledge of Polar Bears International and you will get an idea of the adventure that awaits you! 

Summer Tundra Buggy Tours – July/August - Venture into the WMA for a 6-hour tour to observe the many different types of flora and fauna that are native to the Churchill area and to seek out polar bears that may be keeping cool along the coast.

Fall Tundra Buggy Tours – October/November – Take a full-day trip into the WMA to view polar bears, arctic fox and other northern wildlife in their natural environment. 

Winter Tundra Buggy Tours – February/March – Enjoy an evening in a Tundra Buggy as we set out to view the wondrous lightshow put on by the Northern Lights.


Churchill Wildlife Management Area 

The Churchill Wildlife Management Area is the largest wildlife management area in Manitoba - almost 850,000 hectares - and is the summer resting area for the province’s yearly polar bear visitors. Polar bears aren’t the only residents of this subarctic habitat - the Churchill WMA boasts a wide variety of plant-life and wildlife all year round for visitors to see. 

Frontiers North Adventures offers the unique chance for guests to stay overnight in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. This option offers guests the opportunity to spend their nights in the Tundra Buggy Lodge, which is situated in the heart of polar bear country. 

The Tundra Buggy Lodge offers a unique, immersive experience where guests can fall asleep and wake up with polar bears right outside the window. The lodge consists of two accommodation units, a lounge and cafe unit, and staff quarters. Viewing platforms connect each unit and allow for outdoor photography. 

Situated far from the lights of town, the Tundra Buggy Lodge is the perfect place to view bears all day long and have optimum northern lights viewing at night (weather permitting). The lodge is also equipped with exterior field lights that enable us to continue to watch the bears even after the sun goes down.


Using the Tundra Buggy® brand name

Please help us protect our brand name

The Tundra Buggy® is the registered brand name of the custom-built vehicles used by the Tundra Buggy® Adventure. 

The Tundra Buggy® name should always be written with a capital ‘T’ and ‘B’. This applies to the plural Tundra Buggies® as well.

The first time the Tundra Buggy brand name appears it must be accompanied by the Registered symbol ®.

The Tundra Buggy® is not a generic term for all custom-built tundra vehicles. There is only one Tundra Buggy® Adventure company. All other companies use some other form of tundra vehicle. As such, the brand name must never be used as a generic term. 


An example of how NOT to use our name: 

There are several companies in Churchill that offer tundra buggy tours to view polar bears. 

This information is not correct. In this context the sentence should read: 

There are several companies in Churchill that offer tours to view polar bears on specialized tundra vehicles. 


Thank you for helping us to uphold the integrity of our brand.